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Don’t Be Stupid

Posted: 2011-05-20 in Rants
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MacDefender is not a virus.  It's a trojan AND an IQ test.  How do you get MacDefender?  By being stupid.  Here are the stupid things you have to do in order to get SUCKERED by MacDefender.

1.  Go to a website of ill repute.
2.  Believe the redirected website that claims your Mac is infected by a virus. (hint: it's not)
3.  Have your browser set to automatically open "safe" files.
4.  Click on "continue" when the MacDefender installer automatically opens.
5.  Enter your administrator's password to install MacDefender to remove the virus that is not really there. (YOU are doing all of this).
6.  Really believe that your Mac is infected with a virus because porn websites are automatically opening up.
7.  Enter your credit card number into MacDefender.

Everything above is a choice YOU have to make.  You can stop at any time through # 6.  Once you complete # 7, MacDefender also revokes all cool points, self-esteem, degrees conferred, etc.

You are officially stupid.  Just because it is written down doesn't mean it's true.  Think for yourself.

One more thing…

After giving MacDefender your credit card number, Steve Jobs shows up at your door step with an Army of Apple Geniuses.  They take away all of your Apple gear.  And leave you with a Dell computer running Windows (you're not smart enough for Linux), a Zune, and a Blackberry.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog has an excellent article on MacDefender and how to avoid it, or get rid of it.  Read it.  You'll be smarter for it.

Recently I have read many stories about the heroic efforts of the Republican party to rein in spending by cutting NPR’s funding from the federal budget.  Now, I’m a supporter of NPR and public broadcasting in general because I think both provide valuable, intelligent programming.  However, we are in a budget crisis and cuts need to be made.  Having said all of that, I’m not here to discuss the merits of NPR.  For this discussion, let us stick to facts.  Clearly, with all of the energy being expended on cutting NPR’s budget it must get us really close to a balanced budget.

Let’s take a look at the numbers!

2010 Federal Budget (Source Wikipedia)

Income:  $2,380,000,000,000 ($2.38 Trillion)
Spending:  $3,551,800,000,000 ($3.5518 Trillion)
Deficit:  -$1,171,800,000,000 ($1.1718 Trillion)

That’s a lot of money!!

-$1,171,800,000,000 / $3,551,800,000,000 = -32.99%

Basically we spend 33% more than we take in.  Cuts must be made!

NPR does not get any of its money DIRECTLY from the federal government.  It receives part of its budget through grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  Since we are making cuts, lets just get rid of the CPB!  This way we can get rid of NPR, the Public Broadcasting Service, etc.  Nobody likes Sesame Street anyway.  Besides, I didn’t want to research how much NPR recieves and CPB’s budget is bigger.  Therefore, my results are much larger than if I had only accounted for NPR.

CPB Budget: $420,000,000 ($420 Million).  That’s a lot of money too!

-$1,171,800,000,000 – $420,000,000 = $1,171,380,000,000  WTF?

Ok, let’s put this in perspective and try to explain this in a way a knuckle-dragger like me can understand.

Let’s look at this as if it were a family budget with some nice, small, round numbers.

I’ll eliminate some zeroes so it looks like a normal household budget.

Dividing everything by 100,000,000 =


Income:  $23,800
Spending:  $35,518
Deficit:  -$11,718


CPB equivalent = 420,000,000 / 100,000,000 = $4.20 (0.03584% of my budget deficit)


All of this energy for a lousy 0.04%.  Seriously?


So, the solution to our problem is to forgoe a Grande Latte at Starbucks once a year.