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Kandle Light works on Nook

Posted: 2010-01-20 in Reviews

Got my Kandle in the mail today.  This is a nice reading light for the nook.  It has gotten rave reviews on Amazon from Kindle owners.  Consider me a happy Kandle/nook owner.

The Kandle is small and light.  It comes with batteries (CR2302) pre-installed and comes with an EXTRA set in the box; a very nice touch.

The Kandle fits securely on the nook and will not fall off with gentle shaking.  It will fly off if you shake it hard but I don’t foresee any violent shaking of my reading device while reading.

The Kandle provides more than enough light to read in complete darkness.  The two rotating arms allow you to customize the angle of the light to eliminate glare.

What more can I say.  It’s great.

The box and my nook (to show scale):


Opening the box:


Kandle closed:


Attached to the nook:


Side View:


From the back:


Arm open (the arm can open to 90 degrees):


Total darkness; light on.  This picture does not do it justice.  The picture has a lot more glare than what is truly observed in real life:


From the bottom; light on:


Spare batteries and instructions: